Tips for getting the most value out of your legal representation

In these difficult economic times, getting the most value for your expense is more important.  Keep the following in mind when utilizing legal services to ensure you receive quality representation at good value.

Be prepared.  Take the time to become acquainted with the circumstances of your case.  The more knowledgeable you are about your case, the better able you will be to work with your lawyer to achieve your objectives.

Read the mail.  Letters, copies of documents, and emails are sent by your lawyer to keep you informed about developments in your case.  Paying attention to these will help you to stay informed and avoid the need for unnecessary calls to catch-up on events.

Stay in touch.  Changes in your circumstances can affect your case in ways you may not expect.  Be certain to keep your lawyer well informed of any developments and always be sure to update the office with your current address and phone numbers.