5 Potential Repercussions of a DUI/OVI Conviction

When you get pulled over for a DUI (now called OVI), you likely realize that you could get arrested – you probably even realize that you could go to jail, if convicted.  But, there are other potential repercussions that may surprise you.  The repercussions of a DUI/OVI conviction can be more far reaching than many people initially realize.  The consequences … Read More

Hiring a Lawyer can Soften the Blow of a DUI/OVI

A driving under the influence charge, also called a DUI or OVI, is a serious criminal offense that is far more than an inconvenience. Even first-time offenders face a mandatory three days in jail or a residential driver’s intervention program. They must content with loss of their driver’s license for a mandatory minimum of six months up to a possible … Read More

How to Hire a DUI / OVI Attorney

A DUI (now referred to as OVI) is a serious charge. Even a first offense carries mandatory time in either jail or a court ordered treatment facility.  You will also have a criminal record, lose your license for six months to three years on a first offense, and see your car insurance premiums multiply. In some circumstances, you may have … Read More