Why white-collar criminal defense demands more from your attorney

All criminal defendants rely heavily on their attorneys for counsel, court representation, and potential plea-negotiations. Each of these traditional attorney functions present unique challenges. Given that all criminal attorneys perform these basic functions, it might be easy to gloss over the distinction between traditional criminal defense attorneys and white-collar criminal defense attorneys. However, the reality is that most criminal defense … Read More

Hiring a Lawyer can Soften the Blow of a DUI/OVI

A driving under the influence charge, also called a DUI or OVI, is a serious criminal offense that is far more than an inconvenience. Even first-time offenders face a mandatory three days in jail or a residential driver’s intervention program. They must content with loss of their driver’s license for a mandatory minimum of six months up to a possible … Read More

Criminal Defense Attorneys Ensure Due Process

Due process of law is the constitutional guarantee that any legal proceedings brought against a criminal defendant will be fair. It also ensures the defendant will be given reasonable notice of the charges and proceedings and will have an opportunity to be heard in court before being deprived of life, liberty or property. Any law a criminal defendant is being … Read More

Dissatisfied Litigants Have the Right to Appeal

A party in a civil case who loses at trial or otherwise on the merits on the case has a right to appeal the decision of the court or jury in most instances. This may include final judgments in personal injury cases (including decisions granting summary judgment), employment litigation, business disputes and other matters. In a criminal court case, a … Read More

What You Need to Know About Bail

Bail is a monetary fee that allows a person charged with a crime to be released from jail pending the outcome of their case. In general, non-serious crimes often allow defendants to post bail immediately. However, defendants charged with more serious crimes are detained until a bail hearing is held. The cost and conditions of bail (also commonly referred to … Read More

Open Discovery Works

It is time for Southwest Ohio to get on board with open discovery. As stated in this article (http://blog.cleveland.com/metro/2009/02/prosecutor_bill_mason_to_offer.html), prosecutors all over the state are respecting the rights of the accused in their counties and turning over material evidence to defense attorneys early in litigation.  In the process, defendants’ rights are being protected, costs are lowered, and societal trust in … Read More

Government Unchecked in Warrantless Search

Big Brother is watching. And their power to search you without a warrant may have just gotten broader. http://news.cincinnati.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20080712/NEWS0107/807120324 The Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals held last week that a challenge to the government’s power to review your private emails without a warrant was not ready to be considered. But, if the Court does not re-address the issues raised, this … Read More

Choose Your Criminal Defense Attorney Wisely

Choosing the right criminal defense attorney is often one of the most important decisions a person can make when accused of committing a crime. Defendants often think they do not have the money to hire their own criminal defense attorney, even though they have family and friends who could help and are never asked. You need a criminal defense attorney who has … Read More