On Workers Compensation? You May Need a Personal Injury Attorney

Although the Workers Compensation system was designed to avoid issues of fault and quickly allow an injured worker to return to her former position of employment, the system may not be the only remedy available in all injury situations.

If you’ve suffered a work injury as the result of the negligence of someone other than your employer, or in the event your employer has forced you to work in violation of the restrictions your doctor has placed upon you and you have been further injured, you may benefit by consulting with a personal injury attorney. Consultations are free and without obligation, so it certainly doesn’t hurt to inquire whether you may have a legitimate claim against a third party for additional compensation.

Some Examples of When to Consult with a Personal Injury Attorney for a Workplace Injury:

You are being forced to work in violation of your medical restrictions.

For example, your doctor has released you to a sedentary, or “sit-down” job, but your employer requires you to work your more physically demanding job, nevertheless, resulting in further injury.

You were injured by someone other than your employer or co-worker.

For example, a vendor delivering supplies ran you over with a forklift or hand truck.

You were injured by a chemical or some other toxic substance.

For example, you inhaled a dangerous chemical or were burned by a toxic substance while working.

You were injured by a defective product.

For example, the safety guard on a saw cracked and broke off.   As a result, your hand was badly cut.

You were injured by your employer’s Willful or egregious conduct.

For example, your employer removed a safety guard on the machine you operate and you are injured because of the lack of guarding.