People often think juvenile court solely involves delinquent children. In fact, many family law matters are resolved in Ohio Juvenile Courts. Juvenile Court encompasses the following areas:

  1. Child Custody and Support when the Parents are Unmarried
  2. Children Accused of Delinquent or Criminal Conduct
  3. State of Ohio Allegations of Child Dependency, Abuse and Neglect
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Child Custody and Support

An important family law concern handled by Juvenile Court is the allocation of parental rights and responsibilities, also known as child custody and support. If you are unmarried and want a legal determination of these rights, you must file with the Juvenile Court.

Gretta Herberth, who handles juvenile court custody issues for the firm, is frequently appointed Guardian Ad Litem by local Juvenile Court Judges. A Guardian Ad Litem (GAL) is appointed by the court to protect the best interest of the children in custody disputes and dependency, neglect and abuse actions. Ms. Herberth has developed a unique insight from her role as a GAL to help child when he or she is

While Ms. Herberth is passionate about representing children, she is also dedicated to protecting the custody rights of both unwed mothers and fathers. Ms. Herberth has developed a unique insight from her role as a GAL to help you balance the emotional, financial and legal issues involved in custody and child support disputes. Our firm will help you consider alternative resolutions and develop parenting plans that work for you and your children. While it is often best for the children to resolve these issues, litigation is often necessary in many cases. We will fight for you in both in and out of court.

Juvenile Delinquency Defense

If your child is accused of a crime, your child must have legal representation to fully protect his or her rights. Society has criminalized juvenile delinquency laws to the point where these cases can often have serious long-term consequences. Our firm provides the necessary combined experience of criminal defense and family law to help juvenile defendants and their families navigate the often confusing juvenile court system and to vigorously defend them.

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