Be a “wimp!”

Sometimes those injured in accidents do not report all their symptoms and difficulties to their doctors. No one wants to be a “wimp” when it comes to routine aches and pains. Following an accidental injury, however, this approach can delay diagnoses, treatment, and, in some cases, invite questions later about the cause of such injuries.

Many times under-reporting is quite understandable. Where, for instance, a person breaks their leg in an accident, they (and their doctor) may focus less upon the person’s persistent neck or shoulder pain, while their attention is on the broken leg. What happens when it turns out that the more lasting and complicated injuries are those to the neck, or shoulder? Without mention of complaints early on, it becomes more difficult to understand or demonstrate that an accident was the origin of these problems.

Those who take care to discuss all their symptoms with their doctors following an accident have a greater chance of avoiding such future difficulty.