ALERT: These 5 Warning Signs Indicate You May Need a Workers’ Compensation Attorney

Below are 5 warning signs that you may need to consult with a Workers’ Compensation Attorney in order to protect your interests.

1 You were hurt on the job, but have been told that you are not covered by Workers’ Compensation for any reason (such as your employer has taken the position that you are an “independent contractor”).

2 The doctor to whom you were directed by your employer says you need to get back to work, but you (or your doctor) do not believe feel that you are ready and require more time or treatment to heal.

3 Medical treatment or testing that your doctor has requested has been denied.

4 Your work injury was not caused by your employer or a co-worker. Another individual or company caused your injury.

5 Your employer caused your injury intentionally or by the removal or lack of safety guards or equipment.

Keep in mind that you have earned Workers’ Compensation benefits. If you are receiving denials or another of these 5 warning signs apply to you, you may need help. It may be in your best interests to consult with a Workers’ Compensation Attorney immediately to determine your options.

Working closely with the attorneys and staff of Laufman & Napolitano, you will have a greater ability to understand your rights and fight to ensure you receive the benefits and protection available to you under the law. With reliable information, you can make good decisions about your claim and health moving forward.

A consultation to discuss possible involvement in a workers’ compensation claim with Laufman & Napolitano is free of charge and without obligation. This means you can determine whether to hire a Workers’ Compensation Attorney without cost. While specific advice will not be provided to you during any consultation, you will have opportunity to discuss your options and circumstances with a Workers’ Compensation Attorney and plan your path forward.