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Cincinnati Personal Injury
Ohio Personal Injury AttorneyHaving the right lawyer when you have an accident or other injury claim is important. Stress over medical bills. Insurance company tricks. Time lost from work and family. An accident can disrupt your whole life. You deserve to be treated fairly; the attorneys of LN Law Firm, have the skills and experience to make sure that you are.

We believe a lawyer is, above all, a problem solver. We do everything we can to help relieve the stress and confusion after something terrible happens and, make certain our clients are fairly compensated for what they have lost.

Call us to speak privately to one of our Cincinnati personal injury attorneys about how we can help you with your situation.

Examples of personal injury and wrongful death claims handled by our firm include:
  • Automobile and motor vehicle accidents
  • Slip and fall accidents
  • Nursing home negligence
  • Fires and explosions
  • Dangerous and defective products
  • Medical negligence

Many of these claims may involve complexities that may significantly affect the likelihood of a full recovery, including:

  • Identifying the nature, proof and legal value of one’s injuries.
  • Collecting and presenting evidence of the negligent party's
  • Presenting and negotiating formal settlement demands.
  • Negotiating with insurance adjustors and defense attorneys for fair
    settlement of the claim or lawsuit.
  • Preparing and filing with an appropriate court all documents to
    preserve a client’s rights.
  • Seeking and exchanging evidence through the process of discovery.
  • Participating in mediation or arbitration to resolve any dispute prior
    to trial.
  • If necessary, preparing for and conducting a trial of the client’s claim.

Laufman & Napolitano, LLC
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