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Civil Rights AttorneysMost contacts between citizens and law enforcement are appropriate and lawful. A few are not. One of the most important ways that police and corrections officers “protect and serve” their communities is by respecting the constitutional rights of those suspected of or accused of committing crimes. Some police officers, prison guards, sheriff’s deputies and others abuse the power entrusted to them and violate the rights of their fellow citizens. A free society must have a means to hold accountable those persons entrusted with law enforcement authority who abuse their power.

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Laufman & Napolitano files civil rights lawsuits in cases involving:

  • Excessive force/police brutality
  • Wrongful arrest
  • Illegal search and seizure
  • False imprisonment
  • Malicious prosecution
  • Abuse of prisoners
  • Other civil rights violations

In many of our police misconduct cases, the victims aren't necessarily focused on receiving a huge monetary award. They often simply want the police officer to acknowledge their wrongdoing, or they want to expose a rogue officer. They want to see the system change so that others won't have to endure the same type of abuse or injury they suffered. We find pursuing monetary damages through a lawsuit can be an effective means to change the system. Because we pursue police misconduct cases as a violation of your civil rights, the law permits us to recover our attorney fees and compensation from defendant who is found to be responsible.


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